Multi collection querying for MongoDB (alpha phase)
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This mini-project was born due to a requirement in a project
for my employer. The idea was to be able to conduct multi-collection
queries across MongoDB (not necessarily efficiently, i'm afraid).

At the time of this writing, MongoDB and other NoSQL databases do not
support the concept of cross/multi-collection queries (which is a shame
really) and my work was to explore that space and see what can be done.

Also, i didn't want to use the MongoDB syntax because it was kind of 
alien and i was afraid SQL stalwarts won't like it hence another aspect
of this project was to build a parser that was able to parse SQL-like
expressions/statements (depending on your inclination of parlance)

Building the parser was relatively simple, i guess, and i was greatly aided
by PyParsing module ( and i totally credit
the creators of that module for a job well done. ossm that i breathe this
space...enough of digression.

Building the multi-collection querying, i had 2 options. Option 1 was to 
use MongoDB's MapReduce mechanism but that didn't work well because there
wasn't any conceivable way (at least to me) i could bypass the 'reduce'
phase and found out i hit the jira 
Option 2 was to apply a kind of cross product to N collections. Obviously runtime / spacetime suck. This is disgraceful. No excuses, whatsoever. But
this does work, for now at least as usage hasn't picked up yet though i do
expect things to pick up and i'll rework it.

What doesn't work
At this time, you can do queries like this

SELECT A.a, A.b, B.a, B.b from A, B where A.a in (val1,val2) and B.a = 12 and A.a = B.a

Take note that you can only put in literals and static values. Dynamic 
computation is not supported at this time.

If you are interested, just check out the python code and read the 
docstrings i've wrote.

Raymond Tay
15 July 2011