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A ruby wrapper around various xcode tools and the project.pbxproj

Example Usage

You will need to install the gem:

gem install xcoder

and then require the gem in your project/rakefile/etc

require 'xcoder'

Load a project

project = Xcode.project('MyProject')  # Can be the name, the file (e.g. MyProject.xcodeproj) or the path

Finding all projects from the current directory down

Xcode.find_projects.each {|p| puts }

Find a configuration for a target on a project

config = Xcode.project(:MyProject).target(:Target).config(:Debug)   # returns an Xcode::Configuration object

Building a configuration

builder = config.builder
builder.profile = 'Profiles/MyAdHoc.mobileprovision'    # This will remove old profiles and install the profile
builder.identity = 'iPhone Developer: Ray Hilton'       # The name of the identity to use to sign the IPA (optional)

Packaging a built .app


This will produce a .ipa and a

Incrementing the build number

config.info_plist do |info|
  info.version = info.version.to_i + 1

Working with workspaces

Loading workspaces can be done in a similar way to projects:

Xcode.workspaces.each do |w|
  w.describe                                # prints a recursive description of the structure of the workspace and its projects

Or, if you know the name:

workspace = Xcode.workspace('MyWorkspace')  # Can be the name, the file (e.g. MyWorkspace.xcworkspace) or the path


There is basic support for schemes, you can access them from a project like so:

config = project.scheme('MyScheme').launch # Gets the Launch action for specified scheme. Can also specify 'test' to get the test action

The 'launch' and 'test' methods access the different actions within the scheme, and they map to a Xcode::Configuration object (i.e., the schemes map to a target and configuration in a traditional XCode3 project style).

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