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# blame: Ray C. He
import sys
import random
import re
import string
class MarkovLibrary:
# a markov library, a repository of three word chains
# dictionary of dictionaries of arrays for great justice
chains = None
#stuff that shouldn't get spaces
nospace = re.compile('\w')
def __init__(self):
self.chains = {}
# inserts a chain of first, second, third into a
# lookup table. appends the third to the array of possible
# thirds
def insert_chain(self, first, second, third):
if (first not in self.chains):
self.chains[first] = {}
if (second not in self.chains[first]):
self.chains[first][second] = []
# returns a random phrase, calls recursively
def get_random(self):
first = '(START)'
# randomly pick among the starters
second = random.sample(self.chains[first].keys(),1)[0]
return second + self.__get_random(first,second);
# private __get_random which allows the library to specify
# a first and second to lookup
def __get_random(self, first, second):
third = self.__get_third(first,second)
if (third == '.'):
return '.'
separator = ' '
if (not self.nospace.match(third)):
separator = ''
return separator + third + self.__get_random(second,third)
def __get_third(self, first, second):
if (first not in self.chains):
raise Exception("first not found")
if (second not in self.chains[first]):
raise Exception("second not found")
if (len(self.chains[first][second]) == 0):
raise Exception("no existing target words")
return random.sample(self.chains[first][second],1)[0]
def main(argv):
#filename = "tao_te_ching.txt"
#argv should contain the file name
if (len(argv) != 1):
print "usage: python <filename>"
# grab the filename, which should be the only argument
filename = argv[0]
ml = MarkovLibrary()
# our regexs
unused = re.compile('"')
punctuation = re.compile('\W')
spacing = re.compile('\s+')
fd = open(filename);
# line starts as nothing
line = ''
for li in fd:
#get rid of annoying trailing/leading whiespace
if (len(li) == 0 or li[0].isdigit()):
line += li + ' '
if (li[-1] != '.'):
# keep reading until we get a period
oldline = line
line = unused.sub('',line)
# put spaces around punctuation so they play nice with split
line = punctuation.sub(lambda m: ' '' ', line)
# split the line into words
words = spacing.split(line)
# filter out unreplaced words (mostly whitespaces at end of
# sentences that passed the split as zero-length strings)
words = filter(lambda w: w!='', words)
if (len(words) == 0):
line = '' # reset line
# used for debug
#print oldline
#print words
for i in range(0, len(words)-2):
print ml.get_random()
if __name__ == "__main__":