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another implementation of the game built for playing on mobile devices
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Another implementation of the game. The focus was on making a mobile accessible version.

Try it out :

This project grew out wanting to experiment with new technologies. jQuery mobile, mocha, chai, testem, etc.

The objective was to create a unit testable app, but also use IIFE. The main roadblock was when the modules were exported as Globals and I didn't know how to mock the Globals. I may experiment and try converting the modules to Singleton globals, but for now it's this way.

page uses a CDN reference, meaning no need to install the dependencies unless it's for development.

key features

  • Player weighting system so the player picked as the spy is evenly distributed.
  • Timer
  • Restart display of round
  • Round Summary page

for Development & testing

npm install

(will install jquery, mocha, chai, sinon, testem)

run testem on commandline

for Reporting

npm install -g plato

plato -r -l .jshintrc -d report lib

Future feature wishlist

  • Customizable player names
  • Customizable locations
  • Settings editor for default timer and player weight difference value
  • Handle reset of weight system when enough plays occur and weighting values are too low
  • Add JSdoc comments
  • Use pub/sub for timer, Change Timer to publish count changes/Controller to sub to timer events
  • Include Roles
  • Int'l translations
  • Adjust CSS for clue string length
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