Using hand gestures on a force-sensitive touch pad (Sensel) to control a robotic arm (MeArm)
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This project explores human controlled robotics. A robotic arm is controlled in real-time using 5 finger gestures on a force-sensitive touch interface.


This project was created for two reasons: First, is to evaluate Sensel’s new force-sensitive touch interface. Second, is the exploration of a magical sensation; The use of touch gestures to animate a robot.


There are 4 hand gestures that control the robot arm’s movements:

Force down:



Forward / Backward:

Me too?

To make this project happen, the following items were used:

You can get this project up and running in no time! The code is located here:

First, program the Arduino with the “sketch” code. Next, run the Processing application, and control the robot with 5 fingers!