A Chrome extension implementing functions from ESRI Rest Diagnostics.
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Map Services Enhanced For Chrome

A Chrome extension implementing functions from ESRI REST Diagnostics, collecting and presenting data releted to ArcGIS Server REST Services.


ArcGIS Server provides a REST-based endpoint that applications can use to request and edit geographic data. The HTML pages generated by the services provide a lightweight framework to inspect and test services.

But sometimes you need a little more information. Collecting data from multiple map services requires visiting each link, then going back and visiting the next link. Remembering field names and properties can be a hassle.

The ESRI REST Diagnostics tools were designed to make the pages easier to query and use. Over 15 bookmarklets were developed to help map service testing and querying.

The Map Services Enhanced project is a Chrome extension that packs all the features of ESRI REST Diagnostics into one tool. Depending on the ArGIS REST Service page you're visiting, this Chrome Extension will present appropriate controls to help you work with your ArcGIS Server map services.


  • Search REST endpoints for map layers, field names, and other service properties.
  • View metadata on multiple services without having to visit each one.
  • Collect the number of features in each map layer.
  • Map service spatial references color coded for easy comparison.
  • Count results of each field and domain in a map service layer.
  • Create SQL queries with the click of a mouse.
  • Simplify map export service testing.
  • URL Shortener for query pages with unnecessarily long query parameter lists.