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Aho-Corasick algorithm as implemented in Java by Danny Yoo, with little improvements
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This is the source code distribution for an implementation of the Aho-Corasick
automaton in Java. For license information, please see LICENSE.


This implemenation changes the build system from Ant to Maven

The starting version is 1.2


This implementations improve some aspects of a software written by Danny Yoo,
available at

The starting version is 1.1

The main changes are:
* the use of Java Generics
* the use of char[] data structure to represent text instead of byte[]; this
  makes the software compatible with UTF-8 strings
* a Benchmark class, to test the improvements of using the Aho-Corasick
  algorithm instead of regular expressions


Here follows the original README:

The following commands require Apache Maven, which can be found here:

Building the jar

To compile the jar, run `maven install'. The resulting jar should be created


Building the documentation

To build the javadocs, run `maven install'. The javadocs should be created in:

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