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This repo contains the experiment that I like to call “IntegrativeProjectWT2015” because it is an integrative analysis of behavior, electrophysiology, and RNA-seq data collected from wild type mice in 2015.

This research is undergoing peer-review at Hippocampus. A preprint is available at

Please cite this GitHub repository as Rayna M Harris. (2017, November 29). raynamharris/IntegrativeProjectWT2015: GitHub Repository for the Integrative WT 2015 Project (Version v1.3). Zenodo.

Bioinformatics Workflow

This project is organized into five main subdirectories: - scripts: contains all the knitr-based R workflows for statistical analyses and data visualization (source code is in the .Rmd files, and .md files are used to visualize the code and the results - UNIXworkflow: contains and explanation and all the UNIX commands used to process the raw sequencing data on the Stampede cluster at the Texas Advanced Computing Facility - figures: all the figures created from the scripts - data: all the input data and the results - docs: presentations generated using R