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Rayna Harris' Thesis

This webpage is a tool for disseminating my thesis research in a format that is more user-friendly than a 100-page, double-spaced PDF file. The materials were submitted to the University Graduate School of UT Austin on December 8, 2017 in fullfillment of the requirments for a Ph.D. degree.

Click here to read my thesis.

This site was built using the Mkdocs theme for customized for Data Intensive Biology Lab at UC Davis. Any changes made to the contents of this repos can be previewed locally using mkdocs serve. The following commands will build and deploy changes.

rm -rf site/*   # Clean out any existing files
mkdocs build    # Build the docs in site/
cd site/        # navigate to site directory
git add -A .    # Stage every change in the current directory for commit
git commit -m "update site"   # Commit all changes
git push origin gh-pages
cd .. 


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