EOF is a song editor for Frets On Fire, Phase Shift, Rock Band and Rocksmith. The aim of EOF is to provide a simple process with which to create songs. Just provide an OGG file and spend a little time designing note charts and EOF will save files in the appropriate format for immediate use with Frets on Fire and Phase Shift.
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src *Corrected the fingering for the "Rock C" chord definition. Sep 22, 2017
EOF proposed project format.txt *Added a fifth pro guitar track "PART REAL_GUITAR_BONUS", allowing on… Dec 2, 2016
Guitar Pro 5.10 format.txt *Fixed a bug with the recent dialog escape key handling so that the e… Apr 6, 2016
Makefile Initial import May 10, 2010
PkgInfo Make external tools work on OS X by adding application-specific envir… Apr 8, 2013
ideas.txt *Made a few updates to one of EOF's to-do lists to reflect items that… Feb 26, 2013
todo.txt Adds support for a boolean INI setting with a value of "false", adds … Nov 10, 2010