Movable Type plugin that acts as a local url shortener using entry ids
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ID Shorts

Author: David Raynes

Testing and Generally Inspiring Fellow: Matt Jacobs


This plugin provides a way to pass an entry ID to a cgi script and have it send the user to the entry permalink.


Unarchive the plugin and copy id-shorts.cgi into your main Movable Type directory. Copy the contents of the plugins/ folder into your plugins/ directory.


  1. Visit[mt:EntryID].

  2. Get sent back to the entry's permalink.

  3. Profit!


This plugin works best when you combine it with a tool like Apache's mod_rewrite. Add this to your Apache config or .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(\d{1,6})$ /cgi-bin/mt/id-shorts.cgi?id=$1 [L,R]

This says any one to six digit string after the hostname will be passed to id-shorts.cgi. Of course, you'll want to change the path to match the actual location of your MT install and make the sure the matched text doesn't conflict with a file or another rewrite rule. After this, you should be able to visit[mt:EntryID] and go to the entry.


This plugin adds the <mt:entryshorturl> tag. The output of this tag is based on the blog level plugin setting for the short url template, which defaults to <mt:blogurl><mt:entryid>.