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TODO tasks for Smolder
+ Add screenshots to POD
+ Seems that when a report is deleted the directory structure of it's data is still there. We need to do a better job of cleaning up.
+ Add support for dev releases to CPAN
+ get /static urls working for better caching by the browser
+ Plugins that support
+ adding and overriding templates and htdocs
+ adding sql tables
+ adding code
+ Wider UI
+ SCM revision # on the main summary page of a test run
+ Change graphs to be able to handle more data without looking crappy
+ Maybe something client side (JS, Canvas, Google graphs)?
+ add percentage based graphs
+ Custom dashboard of boxes, picking tags & showing the status for the last report of that tag
+ Handle skip-all better in the plan.
+ A skip-all plan will look like this:
1..0 # Skip Can't reach
We need to show more in the report than just "No tests run". We should show the
+ Allow anonymous uploads via smolder_smoke_signal
+ Tracking of individual tests. This would provide a view that let's
the user see when each test was added and maybe how it has faired
over time. MediaWiki has an example of this:
* HTML nested bullet list, open tags (bug 5497) [Has never passed]
* HTML nested ordered list, open tags (bug 5497) [Has never passed]
* Fuzz testing: image with bogus manual thumbnail [Introduced
between 08-Apr-2007 07:15:22, 1.10alpha (r21099) and 25-Apr-2007
07:15:46, 1.10alpha]
We'd need GUIDs (or something else) for tests so maybe we use a custom TAP diagnostic key
+ Add preference to just get plain-text emails
+ Create an interface for comparing 2 sets of reports for the same project.
Possibly similar to the way you select data for graphing.
+ Create a full search system of smoke reports, not just a listing
by most recent. This would allow for searching based on project,
status, category, etc.
+ Support new TAP diagnostics (almost specced out in TAP)
+ Support nested TAP
+ Better message stack that works arcoss sessions.
+ Precompile all templates at startup (speeds it up and increases shared memory)
+ Rendering in other browsers besides FF and KHTML
+ Import/export projects so you can move them around in smolder installs
+ Add paging to other listing pages admin_developers/admin_projects, etc (or add datagrid?)
+ Add help tooltips where appropriate
+ Allow smolder_smoke_signal to use the Smolder modules directly if it's on the same machine.
+ Add coverage reports (related to smoke tests?)
+ Add benchmark gathering?