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AngularJS based webapp repository Build Status

This is a project based on a blog article and the corresponding repository from @yearofmoo. Furthermore there are parts from ultimate-seed with its repository.

The current working base will create a simple serverless webapp. It features a module structure to include different angular modules. As an example the yearofmoo app is found in app/scripts/modules/youtube with each base file (directives.js, services.js, filters.js and controllers.js) is now split into seperate directories.


The Application can be build can be visited at: http://lordnox.github.io/nx-builder/

Why this project

I searched for the best possibility to develop test driven without much of a fuss. To develop an angular module I found that ultimate-seed does a pretty good job. It uses browserify to compile a lot of modules to be able to be usable on the client. The problem with ultimates way surfaces when trying to run automated tests which yearofmoo handles just fine.

Using the application

Install grunt npm install -g grunt-cli

And then be sure to install everything that the repo requires: npm install bower install

To develop your modules TDD or BDD style: grunt autotest or grunt autotest:midway


I removed e2e testing from this page, I will try to integrate grunt-selenium and the new e2e testing from angular protractor.


  • Add protractor test suite
  • Find the errors in midway testing
  • furthermore split testing into the module folders
  • write yeoman generator
  • write yeoman generator for modules