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Building Rayo From Source

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To build Rayo from the sources you will need to install first Git, a Java 6 compatible JDK and Maven 2.x or above. Both git and mvn binaries should be on your OS path.

Project Structure

Rayo's repository is made up of several projects:

  • rayo-core: Contains Rayo's core model classes and services.
  • rayo-server: Implements the Rayo protocol, SIP handling, Jetlang actors support and more server related stuff.
  • rayo-war: Contains the Rayo's web application artifacts and configuration files.
  • rayo-gateway: A Rayo Gateway is the component that lets you create clusters of multiple rayo servers.
  • rayo-storage: Cassandra based storage service to use as persistence store by multiple Rayo Gateways
  • rayo-sbcrouter: An SBC component to use with Rayo

Building the sources

First, clone Rayo from Github:

Then build Rayo:

  • mvn package

The war will then be available as:

  • rayo-server/rayo-war/target/rayo.war

Bear in mind also that you can always use the latest milestone available from our continuous integration server.

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