Installation with Prism

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Download Prism

Prism may run on OSX, Linux (RHEL/CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu) and Windows. Prism is available for download for up to 25 simultaneous calls from Voxeo's website at Rayo does require Prism 11 or better.

Deploying Rayo Server

  • You can first Building Rayo From Source or Downloading the latest automated build. (Make sure to download the rayo.bxxx.war file and not the rayo-gateway.bxxx.war file, which is for Rayo clusters.)
  • Stop Prism if running.
  • If you deployed rayo previously then you should remove any other rayo WAR file or rayo folder within the /opt/voxeo/prism/apps/ directory
  • Copy the rayo WAR file that you got on the first step into /opt/voxeo/prism/apps/
  • Modify the configuration file /opt/voxeo/prism/conf/ if needed so that only this line is there (other lines may be commented out):


  • Modify the configuration file /opt/voxeo/prism/apps/rayo/WEB-INF/classes/ so that you may route incoming calls to your JID:


  • Finally, start Prism.

Checking the installation

After starting Prism, browse to http://PRISM_SERVER:PORT_NUMBER/rayo. You should see the Rayo Server Dashboard. Please note that by default Prism server will execute on port 8080.

Configuring a clustered or a remote environment

If you are installing a Rayo cluster or you plan to run Rayo on an environment other than localhost then you should also have a look to the Single node and cluster configuration reference document.