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maimai Song Randomizer

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maimai Song Randomizer is a open source bot on Google Assistant. It helps you random 5 songs at the same time on your prefered category while you waiting in line to play maimai .

When user trigger request, maimai Song Randomizer will call private API to get random data from database and send an output to users.

This bot can serve as an example for developer who making Google Assistant bot on self-hosted NodeJS with DialogFlow Fulfillments by using webhooks.

You can talk with your Google Assistant on Android and iOS by saying ”Talk to maimai Song Randomizer”


  • Node 6.14.2+


Clone the git repository

$ git clone

Install Package

$ npm install

(Optional) Configuration

You can config your application by editing config variable in index.js

Start express server

$ node index.js

Your webhook will running on port 3000 by default


We are accepting your contribution by open pull request to this repository. If you want to contribute to localization, please see


maimai Song Randomizer is licensed under AGPL version 3 or later. Please see the licence file for more information. tl;dr if you want to use any code, design or artwork from this project, attribute it and make your project open source under the same licence.