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Welcome to the raylib wiki! Here you will find information about the raylib library.

  • The first section (Library Design) details how raylib is designed and structured, explains decisions taken during the development process, and describes how certain things work internally.
  • The second section (Development Platforms) documents the specifics of compiling and using raylib on each of the supported platforms.
  • The last two sections (IDE Configurations and Misc Help) collect miscellaneous documents that each cover some specific topic related to raylib development (for example, creating SpriteFonts for use with raylib or configuring an external TFT on RaspberryPi).

Quick start

CMake is an easy way of building your raylib project on any platform. You can find instructions here.

This wiki is open. Everyone is able (and welcome) to improve sections or add new pages, as required. Just, please, act responsibly :)

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