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Create Visual Studio Project

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raylib 2.0 includes Visual Studio 2017 project templates for the library and some examples but maybe you want to configure the library for another Visual Studio version.

Assuming you are using Visual Studio 2017 and you downloaded raylib from github you can easily follow this step by step guide.

Configure raylib game project

  1. Create a new Console project so File > New > Project...

  2. Go under Project > Properties of Your Project Name... > C/C++ > General and include the following additional directories:

    • $(raylibSrcDir)\release\include
  3. Select Preprocessor and include the following preprocessor definitions (for Windows platform):

  4. Under Advanced configuration choose: Compile as C Code (/TC)

  5. Go to Linker > General and add the additional directory where raylib.lib file is located.

  6. Go to Linker > Input and add the following additional dependencies:

    • raylib.lib
  7. Apply the changes and press Ctrl + Shift + B for start building your solution.

Note: it may be required building raylib.lib file for your specific Visual Studio version, you can do this with pre-configured Visual Studio project templates.

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