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Using BMFonts

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raylib supports AngelCode sprite fonts (BMFonts).

BMFonts can be created using different programs. The better one is the official Bitmap Font Generator from Just download and install.

Recommended BMFont settings

BMFont recommended font settings BMFont recommended export options

Some notes:

  • Recommended to select only characters from SPACE (32) to ÿ (255), anything above this limit will be loaded but it will fail on rendering, improved support for Unicode characters is on the TODO list.

  • Be careful when changing font size in BMFont Font Settings, texture size in Export Settings also requires to change to fit new size (BMFont does not change this automatically), Visualize font on BMFont to make sure everything is ok.

  • raylib requires the .png file together with the .fnt text file (not binary) placed in the same folder.

Alternatively, it's possible to use the web tool Littera to generate BMFonts but due to some differences with original software, some exported fonts could not work with raylib.

The following export options for Littera are recommended:

  • Included glyphs: Presets: Basic
  • Format: Text (.fnt)
  • Canvas size: 256 or 512 or 1024
  • Power of 2 enabled
  • Pack method: 7

Enjoy using SpriteFonts with raylib!

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