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A simple and easy-to-use fx sounds generator, based on the amazing Dr.Petter's sfxr.

rFXGen comes in two flavours: ZERO (free version) and ONE (low-cost version). You can get them here.

rFXGen ZERO features

  • Predefined sound presets (Coin, Shoot, Explosion, PowerUp...)
  • Multiple wave types supported (Square, Sawtooth, Sine, Noise)
  • Up to four save slots to store generate sound (temporary save)
  • Load .rfx sounds or import .sfs files (compatible with sfxr)
  • Save .rfx sounds with generation parameters (104 bytes only)
  • Export .wav files, configurable sample-rate and bits-per-sample
  • Wave data visualization in real-time
  • Completely portable (single file)

rFXGen ONE plus features

  • Powerful command line for batch conversion and wave playing
  • Export wave to .raw samples data and code bytes array (.h)
  • Three unique GUI themes: Light, Dark, Candy

rFXGen Screenshot

rFXGen light interface

rFXGen Usage

Open the tools and use buttons/slider to generate sounds in real-time for your games. Sounds could be saved as .rfx (sound generation parameters) and also exported to .wav as sample data. rFXGen ONE also allows exporting sounds as .raw sample data and as a plain code byte array (.h)

rFXGen ONE comes with a powerful command line for sounds generation and manipulation. Just type on command line:

rfxgen.exe --help

rFXGen License

rFXGen is open source software. rFXGen source code is licensed under an unmodified zlib/libpng license.

rFXGen ZERO or rFXGen ONE are completely free for anyone willing to compile it directly from source. In case anyone prefers to directly download distributed binary files, rFXGen ZERO is free and rFXGen ONE is low-cost. In any case, consider it as a small donation to help the author keep working on software for games development.

Copyright (c) 2015-2020 raylib technologies (@raylibtech)


A simple and easy-to-use fx sounds generator




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