Feature Request: Example use with Devise #9

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jstart commented Feb 1, 2013

Do you have this gem working with devise? I am trying to use the omniauth support with devise, but I am having trouble with the OmniauthCallbacksController.


arunagw commented Apr 8, 2013

Is this still a issue with you?

jstart commented Apr 8, 2013

I eventually gave up on the project I was working on, but i was receiving segmentation faults when getting the callback from foursquare. Would love to see an example project using devise still.

I would love to see this example as well.

me too..

I was able to get this Omniauth-Foursquare gem with Devise working.. I will update with some gist later.


arunagw commented Oct 27, 2015

Should we close this?

I highly recommend doing so.

arunagw closed this Oct 28, 2015


arunagw commented Oct 28, 2015


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