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-# Drupal
+# Symfony
## Implementations
If you'd like to test this stack, have a look at the ClickStarts that implement
+#### **TODO:** create a Click-Start
## About
-This stack installs and serves your drupal installations, easily.
+This stack installs and serves your Symfony installations, easily.
-To start with this stack, follow those steps:
-- Download drupal and unzip it
-- Copy sites/default/default.settings.php to sites/default/settings.php
-- Add your database configuration (Sample below)
-- Add a random hashsalt (Optional)
-- Zip your modified drupal up again (e.g., zip -r .)
-- Deploy to cloudbees with those parameters:
- bees app:deploy -a MY_APP -t drupal \
- -Ruser='admin' -Rpass='password' -Rname='My awesome site' \
- -Remail='' -Rprofile='standard' \
- -Rsalt='something_very_random'
+To start with this stack, follow those steps:
+- Create a Symfony Application as normal
+ (download, composer, etc)
+- Zip the contents of your Symfony Application Directory
+ Typically: "framework-standard-edition"
+ (e.g., `zip -r .`)
+- Update Monolog configuration (details below)
+- Deploy to Cloudbees:
-Then the Stack will install everything for you, and you should land on the
-Drupal main page, ready to go!
+ bees app:deploy -a MY_APP -t symfony-clickstack \
+ -RPLUGIN.SRC.symfony-clickstack= \
-If you wish to reinstall completely, drop the all tables with a MySQL tool (i.e.
-MySQL Workbench), or create a new database on CloudBees
+Then the Stack will install everything for you, and you should land on the Symfony main page, ready to go!
-## Parameters
-#### Installation parameters:
+## Configuration Changes:
-Those parameters will be used only once for installation (Which is triggered if
-the DB is empty). As demonstrated above, those runtime parameters are pased
-with -Rparam_name='value' with either app:deploy or config:set.
+### MonoLog
- profile # The profile to use for installation
- name # Administrator account name
- pass # Administrator password
- email # Admininstrator e-mail
+Update monolog to log information to Stdout.
-## Drupal Database configuration with CloudBees
+**TODO:** Update with instructions.
- # Create an application and database if you didn't do so already
- bees app:create MY_APP
- bees db:create MY_DB
- # Bind them for added CloudBees magic
- bees app:bind -a MY_APP -db MY_DB -as binding
-Then, change your $databases array in settings.php to something like:
- $databases['default']['default'] = array(
- 'driver' => 'mysql',
- 'database' => getenv('MYSQL_DB_BINDING'),
- 'username' => getenv('MYSQL_USERNAME_BINDING'),
- 'password' => getenv('MYSQL_PASSWORD_BINDING'),
- 'host' => getenv('MYSQL_HOST_BINDING'),
- 'prefix' => 'drupal_',
- );
-## Temporary Directory
-It is necessary to add the following line to settings.php, should Drupal need to use a tmp directory:
- $conf['file_temporary_path'] = getenv('TMPDIR');
## More info

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