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Wicketstuff-core projects are bundled user contributions for use with Apache Wicket. They are released in step with Wicket releases to make them easy to use.
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Wicket Stuff Core


Wicket Stuff is a collection of open source projects for the Apache Wicket web framework created and maintained by the Wicket community.

The core release is essentially a container into which developers place their project that ensures that regular releases are made that pair the projects to a specific wicket version.

The project acceptance criteria is very broad. So long as it is wicket related you are welcome to add in your module.

Our release process allows end users an easy way to track a project relative to the wicket release cycle.

For example, if a user sees a org.wicketstuff:someproject artifact with a version of they can know immediately that it is based on wicket 1.4.16 and that it is the first point release (the 1.4.16 version would have been the original release).

Project Site:

Project Documentation (Wiki):

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