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AzureAD ADAL JS Example

This repo contains a super-basic client-side HTML/JS application using the AzureAD v1.0 endpoint.

This was started from the repo, but was greatly simplified to show how to use the ADAL library on a basic, non-SPA application, as well as initiate the login flow immediately on page load vs at the push of a button.

To Use:

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Create a new "App registration" in the AzureAD Portal
  • Navigate to the Azure Portal, Azure Active Directory
  • App registrations (Preview)
  • New registration
  • Enter a name for your application, choose "Accounts in this organization directory only), and click Register
  • On the application homepage, click the "Add a Redirect URI" under Redirect URIs
  • Make sure the Type is "Web", and enter the web location for your web application (or http://localhost/ for testing). Make sure your Redirect URI has a trailing slash.
  • Scroll down, and check the ID tokens page checkbox under Implicit grant, and click Save.
  • Navigate back to the Overview page, and copy the "Application (client) ID".
  1. Open the js/app.js file in the clone directory, and populate the tenant name (, as well as the clientId you copied above. Save the file.
  2. Run the code. If you're already logged in, you should go straight to the homepage. If not, you'll be immediately redirected into the login workflow.
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