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* add runspacing

* add runspacing to all chapters

* use theme instead of hardcode style

* update all project files to use theme instead of hardcode style

* update to headline 6

* fix #422

* remove the `k` prefix, effective dart does not recommend this

* Better handle error

* Add error handling

* FPE - Fix leftover k-prefixed consts

* Chapter 14 - Handle error (#154)

* Handle error

* Handle error

* Add collection import

* Chapter 15 - Handle error (#156)

* Handle error

* FPE - Add moor specific version

Co-authored-by: Cesare Rocchi <>

* Errata init (#160)

* chapter 8 starter and final, move super.initState beginning

* chapter 7 init state

* update super.initState chapter 6

* update chapter 5 challenge init state

Co-authored-by: Vincent Ngo <>
Co-authored-by: Michael Katz <>
Co-authored-by: Kevin Moore <>

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Flutter Apprentice: Materials

This repo contains all the downloadable materials and projects associated with the Flutter Apprentice from

Each edition has its own branch, named editions/[EDITION]. The default branch for this repo is for the most recent edition.


We’ve set up an official forum for the book at This is a great place to ask questions about the book or to submit any errors you may find.

Release History

Branch Edition Release Date
editions/1.0 1.0 2021-06-02
editions/2.0 2.0 2021-10-06