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03/24/20 (0.5)

- Partial Expansion Module (XM) support
  - XRAM
  - XPokey (limited to single Pokey)  
- Added support for cartridges with sizes greater than 144k
- Additional bank switching modes and cartridge types
- Multiple bank switching fixes
- Reworked cartridge header detection
  - Now properly detects bank switching, RAM, etc.
  - Detects Expansion Module (XM)
  - Detects High score cartridge
  - Detects Pokey at $0450
- Cartridge database 
  - Added ability to edit cartridge database settings via menu
  - Added several new cartridge properties
    - Pokey at $0450
    - Default difficulty switch settings
    - Expansion Module (XM) enabled/disabled
    - High score cartridge enabled/disabled
  - Database content
    - Fixed incorrect controller settings for Sirius, Crossbow, 
        and Alien Brigade
    - Added many homebrew cartridges
- Display enhancements
  - Double strike (240p)
  - GX+VI mode
  - 16:9 correction
  - Full widescreen support      
  - Ability to enable/disable bilinear filter (GX mode)
  - Color trap filter
  - Multiple default screen sizes
- Hierarchical file navigation support
- USB Support
- SMB (Network support) for loading ROMs  
- Multi-save slot support
- Reworked menu system (cartridge-specific settings, etc.)
- Support for launching via WiiFlow (and returning)  
- Fixed VSYNC issue which caused initial stutter on PAL games
- Fixed issue occurring when Kangaroo and Holey were enabled (caused 
    background to be displayed, resulting in large black squares)
- Several audio improvements (eliminated majority of TIA and Pokey pops)
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11/16/19 (0.4)

- Reworked audio integration (resolves audio clipping and popping)
- Refactored project layout. Now includes third party libraries, which
    should reduce effort to build against latest devkitPro releases
- Updated to latest versions of devkitPPC (r34) and libogc (1.8.23)
- Merged PR#7 by arocchi
    Fixes to make wii7800 work with latest DevKit
- Merged PR#3 by clobber
    Fix bit shift overflow when reading cartridge size from header
- Merged PR#2 by clobber
    Update internal ROM database
- Merged PR#1 by clobber
    Correctly load supergame cart types
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03/29/10 (0.3)

- GX based scaler (smoother scrolling in Plutos, Xevious, Motor Psycho)
- Ability to adjust screen size to any size/dimensions via the
    "Screen Size" option under "Display". If this is entered after 
    loading a cartridge, the last frame will be displayed to assist in 
- Fixed graphical glitches in Ballblazer
- Implemented RANDOM (read) and SKCTLS (write) for Pokey sound emulation
    - Ballblazer now plays all sounds
- Minor refactor of Pokey code
- Some minor adjustments to the Light Gun related code
- Updated palette (from Underball)
- Updated menu code, GX rendering of dip switches and debug information
- Ability to set HBLANK period, Dual-analog support in ProSystem database