Projectile Jam is a minimalist "fire projectiles at target" type of simple game built with GODOT for learning purposes
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IMPORTANT: I'm migrating to! You can find all of my projects here. See you guys there!


Also check out the art repository associated with this project for more goodies!

Welcome to my little GODOT (MIT license) game project. This is a simple "fire projectile at incoming targets with a twist" type of game built for learning this game engine. The twist is that you're able to control the projectiles. My main objective for this game is to have a minimalist feel with simple, but quality, 2D graphics and animations which upon completion I will make a tutorial series going form 0 to the finished product (i.e. this game). I believe this will further my knowledge of this very simple yet powerful game engine as well as stir up interest in others.

The game is thought with the Android platform in mind.

ProjectileJam screenshot

Game play

For the moment it doesn't do anything except fire projectiles which on impact will explode. To play it, run the project in GODOT, fire with the red button, move the platform left and right with the orange buttons and steer the projectiles with by turning the phone left and right. The projectile (in front) changes it's horizontal velocity component based on the accelerometer.

Known issues

  • mouse move / drag + keyboard input at the same time isn't working as expected, but this is temporary as keyboard input is used only in this testing phase. Fixed by switching to controls for mobile platform
  • more than one projectile might be moved by sensor, remove and spawn of projectiles isn't correlated. Fixed with the help of an array that keeps track of all the projectiles appended to the scene
  • camera doesn't always shake on consecutive projectiles. This was because the play time could potentially go to infinity if it would keep piling up and the effect would shrink considerably. Fixed by clamping the value for play time within 0 and some max value, the same for amplitude as it had the same problem, except it would increase indefinitely if left be
  • projectile explosion isn't pointing in right direction (should point inverse of projectile velocity). An easy fix, just had to remove the rotation I was giving it (when testing in landscape mode) on top of the default orientation
  • projectiles kept piling up because of interaction with other projectiles if they were shot fast enough. Fixed by ignoring collisions with other projectiles


Please try out the game if you're interested in GODOT or this project and let me know what you think! Use the issues tracker if you find any bugs or if you have an idea on how to further the project. I will be very happy to hear what you have to say about the game and what idea you might have! Your contributions will also be acknowledged, of course.