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WebSocket library for the arduino duemilanove ethernet shield.
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Timeout now checks connection after the allotted time to see if a use…

…r is still connected rather than disconnecting regardless.
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While limited Web Socket functionality is available with this library, it is 
not intended for general use and is not expected to be safe (!). If your stuff
blows up while you're using it, it's not on me. Okay? Okay.

*** Before you do anything you might want to take websocket.html uot of this
folder and put it on your desktop/somewhere else. ***

Once websocket.html is out, drag this directory to your (Arduino)/libraries 
directory and drop it (you will have to restart the arduino IDE to see the 
library in the menu).

Check out Websocket_Demo in the examples to see how the arduino behaves. To 
actually access the websocket, you'll need Google Chrome and the 
websocket.html. Load this HTML file up in your browser after compiling and 
installing the websocket demo on your arduino.

So far this has only been tested on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. If you have luck on
other OSes, let me know and I'll be sure to give everyone else the heads up!
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