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Port of _why's Park Place S3 clone to make it play with Ruby 1.9, Sinatra, and MongoDB.
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Boardwalk is a port of _why's Park Place (an S3 clone) to play nice with Ruby 1.9, use the Sinatra web framework, and MongoDB/MongoMapper for information and file storage.


The Basics

  1. Ruby >= 1.9
  2. Sinatra 1.0 (or greater)
  3. MongoDB
  4. Bundler

Use Bundler to install any necessary gems.


To run boardwalk, in the root directory (boardwalk/), run:

ruby bin/boardwalk.rb


If you wish to learn more about customizing boardwalk, just type:

ruby bin/boardwalk.rb --help


While Boardwalk is still under heavy development, you may run into issues. Feel free to report these issues here with a log of the errors you are receiving as well as information about your environment.


Rack doesn't play nice with thin or webrick while running boardwalk. So until the issue is fixed, you will need to edit the following line in rack/request.rb on your local machine (if you're having issues):

def media_type
    content_type && content_type.split(/\s*[;,]\s*/, 2).first.downcase


def media_type
    content_type && content_type.split(/\s*[;,]\s*/, 2).first#.downcase

This should fix everything.

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