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AnimatedPieView is a simple and easy-to-use pie-chart view.

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Version 1.2.0 is released, it is recommended to upgrade to this version.

This version was completely rewritten which has better comments and documentation.

Welcome to submit the Bug ~ I will be the first time to solve the problem.


Update Log:

18/07/18 - ver 1.2.4

  • fix autoSize
  • support description label @see #12

Develop Plan (Update Log->Update Log

No plan now....I'm eagerly waiting for your great suggestions.

  • Support legends
  • Support label for description text
  • Project Optimization and Reconstruction, version 1.2.0 release
  • Support alpha to highlight the selected pie
  • Support the pies to have a space between them
  • TextField adapt animation position changed
  • Text Line show animation
  • Click callback
  • Click effect
  • Support click for every pie
  • Support transform between pie-chart and ring-chart
  • Support animation drawing


Description Method Preview
animation drawing -- pie_animation
transform between pie-chart and ring-chart strokeMode(boolean) pie_switch
space between splitAngle(float) pie_split_angle
description text drawText(true) pie_with_text
click effect canTouch(true) / selectListener() pie_click_effect
alpha to highlight (reverse) focusAlphaType(
alpha to highlight focusAlphaType(
description text label IPieInfo.PieOption pie_option


Use in gradle(please replace {latestVersion} to the download badge version)

	dependencies {
	        implementation 'com.github.razerdp:AnimatedPieView:{latestVersion}'

Simple Usage

step 1:Define any class to implement the IPieInfo interface(you can also use SimplePieInfo)

public class Test implements IPieInfo {
    public float getValue() {
        // This return value will determine the percentage
        return 0.5f;

    public int getColor() {
        // This return value will determine the cur-pie color,please return @colorInt,but not @colorRes
        return Color.WHITE;

    public String getDesc() {
        // description text, may not return
        return "这是一个测试";
    public PieOption getPieOpeion() {
       // option for pie,example: descript label
       return mPieOption;

step 2:New AnimatedPieViewConfig and configure it

AnimatedPieView mAnimatedPieView = findViewById(;
AnimatedPieViewConfig config = new AnimatedPieViewConfig();
config.startAngle(-90)// Starting angle offset
      .addData(new SimplePieInfo(30, getColor("FFC5FF8C"), "这是第一段"))//Data (bean that implements the IPieInfo interface)
      .addData(new SimplePieInfo(18.0f, getColor("FFFFD28C"), "这是第二段"))
      ...(addData so on)
      .duration(2000);// draw pie animation duration
// The following two sentences can be replace directly 'mAnimatedPieView.start (config); '


AnimatedPieViewConfig mConfig=mAnimatedPieView.getConfig();
mConfig.animOnTouch(true)// Animation when selected pie(default:true)
       .addData(IPieInfo info, boolean autoDesc)// Add data (bean that implements the IPieInfo interface).autoDesc:automatically add description(e.g. 8.8%)
       .floatExpandAngle(15f)// Selected pie's angle of expansion
       .floatShadowRadius(18f)// Selected pie's shadow of expansion
       .floatUpDuration(500)// Selected pie's floating animation duration
       .floatDownDuration(500)// Last selected pie's float down animation duration
       .floatExpandSize(15)// Selected pie's size of expansion(only for pie-chart,not ring-chart)
       .strokeMode(true)// Whether to draw ring-chart(default:true)
       .strokeWidth(15)// Stroke width for ring-chart 
       .duration(2500)// Animation drawing duration
       .startAngle(-90f)// Starting angle offset
       .selectListener(new OnPieSelectListener<IPieInfo>())// Click callback
       .drawText(true)// Whether to draw a text description
       .textSize(12)// Text description size
       .textMargin(8)// Margin between text and guide line
       .autoSize(true)// Auto fit chart radius
       .pieRadius(100)// Set chart radius
       .pieRadiusRatio(0.8f)// Chart's radius ratio for parent ViewGroup
       .guidePointRadius(2)// Chart's radius
       .guideLineWidth(4)// Text guide line stroke width
       .guideLineMarginStart(8)// Guide point margin from chart
       .textGravity(AnimatedPieViewConfig.ABOVE)// Text Gravity 【
            -AnimatedPieViewConfig.ABOVEText will be drawn above the guide line
            -AnimatedPieViewConfig.BELOWText will be drawn below the guide line
            -AnimatedPieViewConfig.ALIGNText will be drawn align to the guide line
            -AnimatedPieViewConfig.ECTOPICText will be drawn above the line in the 1, 2 quadrants and below the line in the 3, 4 quadrants
       .canTouch(true)// Whether to allow the pie click to enlarge
       .splitAngle(1)// Clearance angle
       .focusAlphaType(AnimatedPieViewConfig.FOCUS_WITH_ALPHA_REV)// Alpha change mode for selected pie
       .interpolator(new DecelerateInterpolator())// Set animation interpolator
       .focusAlpha(150) // Alpha for selected pie (depend on focusAlphaType)
       .legendsWith((ViewGroup) findViewById(, new OnPieLegendBindListener<BasePieLegendsView>() {
                                       public BasePieLegendsView onCreateLegendView(int position, IPieInfo info) {
                                           return position % 2 == 0 ?
                                                   : DefaultCirclePieLegendsView.newInstance(MainActivity.this);

                                       public boolean onAddView(ViewGroup parent, BasePieLegendsView view) {
                                           return false;
                                   }); // Set a legends container to bind legends views

Api in PieOption:

you can decide your pie with create PieOption

    public PieOption getPieOption() {
        return new PieOption()
                .setDefaultSelected(true) // Selected this pie by default
                .setIconHeight(50) // Text icon height
                .setIconWidth(50) // Text icon width
                .setIconScaledHeight(0.5f) // Text icon height scaling
                .setIconScaledWidth(0.5f) // Text icon width scaling
                .setLabelIcon(bitmap) // Text icon bitmap resource
                .setLabelPadding(5) // Icon and text distance
                .setLabelPosition(PieOption.NEAR_PIE); // Decide which position of the icon in the pie

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