Generate mazes of different shapes and arbitrary sizes
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Maze generator

Generate mazes of different shapes and arbitrary sizes Maze types

Maze generator can create rectangular, hexagonal, honeycomb and circular mazes. Maze generation can be done using Kruskal's algorithm, depth-first search or breadth-first search. Mazes can be rendered in svg or png format (using gnuplot as intermediate in the latter case).


Maze generator uses gnuplot (with a system call gnuplot) to render png mazes. So make sure that gnuplot 5.0+ is installed with pngcairo terminal support and is in the path if you wish to use png.

The code is written in C++ 11, you will need a not-too-ancient C++ compiler to build it.


cd src; make


Usage: mazegen [--help] [-m <maze type>] [-a <algorithm type>]
               [-s <size> | -w <width> -h <height>]
               [-t <output type] [-o <output prefix>]

Optional arguments
  --help  Show this message and exit
  -m      Maze type
          0: Rectangular
          1: Hexagonal (triangular lattice)
          2: Honeycomb
          3: Circular
          4: Circular (triangular lattice)
  -a      Algorithm type
          0: Kruskal's algorithm
          1: Depth-first search
          2: Breadth-first search
  -s      Size (non-rectangular mazes)
  -w,-h   Width and height (rectangular maze)
  -t      Output type
          0: SVG output
          1: png output using gnuplot (.plt) intermediate
  -o      Prefix for .svg, .plt and .png outputs


The arcs in the circular mazes are plotted as parametric curves in gnuplot, and png can take quite long to render for large mazes.