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Yii2 App Project Template
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Yii2 App Template

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Yii2 App Project Template is a skeleton Yii 2 application best for developing complex web applications with multiple tiers.

There is a Yii2 Vue Admin for building a back end application.




        Controller/              contains console controller classes
        Model/                   contains console model classes
        Job/                     contains console job classes
    Exception/                   contains exception classes
    Form/                        contains form classes
           Backend/              contains back end API classes
           Frontend/             contains front end API classes
       Asset/                    contains web assets such as JavaScript and CSS
       Controller/               contains web controller classes
       Filter/                   contains web filters
       Form/                     contains web form classes
       Model/                    contains web model classes
       Module/                   contains web modules
       Widget/                   contains web widgets
    Job/                         contains web job classes
    Model/                       contains model classes
    Validator/                   contains validators
bin/                             contains scripts
conf/                            contains conf files, such as crond job, systemd service unit etc
config/                          contains all of app configurations
public/                          contains the entry script and web resources
    environments/                contains environment-based overrides
    mail/                        contains view files for e-mails
    messages/                    contains I18N messages
    migrations/                  contains database migrations
    views/                       contains view files for the Web application
tests/                           contains tests    
vendor/                          contains dependent 3rd-party packages


It is a fork of Yii2 Advanced Template

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