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Core contracts for Razor network
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Razor network - Contracts

These are the contracts for Razor network.


  1. Install truffle
  2. Install openzeppelin npm i openzeppelin-solidity
  3. Run ganache-cli ganache-cli -s 0 -i 420 -a 30
  4. Run tests truffle test test/Schelling.js
  5. For bigSchelling.js large number of accounts are required ganache-cli -s 0 -i 420 -a 101
  6. For testing with cli, set blocktime ganache-cli -s 0 -i 420 -a 30 -b 5
  7. Deploy on ganache truffle migrate --reset
  8. create .secret file with mnemonic of the private key used to deploy on rinkeby
  9. Deploy on görli (.secret file must be present with mnemonic of the private key used to deploy) truffle migrate --network goerli --reset

Migration guide

  1. truffle migrate --reset --network goerli
  2. sh
  3. cd ../cli && git add . && git commit -m 'redeploy' && git push
  4. cd ../synthetic-assets
  5. Change the delegator address in synthetic-assets/migrations/2_deploy.js
  6. truffle migrate --reset --network goerli
  7. git add . && git commit -m 'redeploy' && git push
  8. cd ../dashboard
  9. git add . && git commit -m 'redeploy' && git push
  10. In remote server:
    1. cd cli && git pull
    2. pm2 stop all
    3. Run first 5 lines in file cli/misc/ for stakers to stake
    4. pm2 start all once staked


Contract addresses can be found here

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