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Current contract addresses on Görli testnet:
Token: 0xb256c2385Ac23C6DbA3C820294971eC5F08Ab49b
Stake Manager: 0xBA14650e4f6232C6A9e2D12F179BD77cd729220e
Vote Manager: 0x02FdE8354A949C1fBEe9D086Ab348564292F5ab7
Block Manager: 0x6712d3dD4a098fEC42248c421fa487c61Bf5077e
Job Manager: 0xAC5ee15d2118126578dff2cde45678eDA845C46e
Delegator: 0x12acA48b130a466e2114ef5A6EF91f3bf3Ed89B2

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