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jQuery Quicksand plugin release notes


- fixed Internet Explorer NaN issue
- fixed blinking in webkit-based browsers caused by callback race conditions


- added enhancement option, making it possible to easily integrate Quicksand with visual enhancements such as font replacement


- replacing jQuery .css calls with raw JavaScript .style and removing temporary container improved performance (15%-40% faster) when preparing the animation
- solved initial animation slowdowns
- added custom attribute functions: instead of providing HTML attribute with unique string, you can specify a function to extract the value: $(‘#source’).quicksand(‘#dest li’, {attribute: function(v) { return $(v).find(‘img’).attr(‘src’)} }); please note that although looks handy, it could be a bit more laggy
- added useScaling option so that you can disable scaling animation for performance reasons (helps a lot on slower machines)
- extended adjustHeight capabilities: from now you can set it to dynamic, auto or false
- greatly improved smoothness of the animation


- Fixed issues with position: relative
- Fixed occasional flickering
- Moderate performance improvements
- Disabled any animation in IE6 for more safety
- Added support for jQuery 1.3


First, feature-complete release of jQuery Quicksand plugin.

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