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Automatic directory listing for your S3 bucket

This project uses Serverless framework and AWS Lambda to drop index.html to your S3 bucket whenever you upload, rename or remove any file.


Dark theme is also supported:

Dark mode


Requirements: Node.js >= 6.10, yarn.

  1. Install Serverless framework: npm install -g serverless.
  2. Download this repository.
  3. Install project's dependencies by running yarn.
  4. Log in to your AWS Management Console and create credentials with admin access (either by going to [your profile] → My Security credentials, or by creating a new user in IAM). This project doesn't need full control of your AWS resources, but Serverless framework does. It's a known issue – I hope it will be resolved soon by the framework generating the exact policy required to deploy the project.
  5. Install AWS CLI (eg. brew install awscli) and configure it with aws configure. This operation will create ~/.aws/credentials file with default profile. I recommend renaming it to something else so that your default profile doesn't have full admin access.
  6. cp custom.yml.example custom.yml. Edit custom.yml file and provide your desired configuration.
  7. Deploy:
serverless deploy
serverless s3deploy

The s3deploy command attaches the event listener to an existing S3 bucket. You need to run it only during the first deployment.

From now on any file you create/delete/rename on your S3 bucket will trigger the AWS Lambda function and generate index.html with the directory listing in your current directory.

Configuring CloudFront (if applicable)

Directory listing, although statically generated by this project, has a dynamic nature and should not be cached by your CDN. To do this, go to your CloudFront distribution settings, select Behaviors tab and create a new behavior.

For Path Pattern type */index.html and select custom Object Caching with the value 0 for Min TTL, max TTL and Default TTL. Now CloudFront will bypass the cache and will always fetch fresh index.html file directly from your S3 bucket.

Running the tests

mocha --compilers js:babel-core/register test/test.js


AWS Lambda + Serverless.js: Reacts on changes in your S3 bucket and auto-generates a nice index.html with directory listing.







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