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Sample app demonstrating integration of Razorpay checkout


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Razorpay's Sample Android App

This repository demonstrates how to integrate Razorpay's Android SDK.
The apk built with code from this repository is published here

The documentation to our Android SDK is available here


Releases | Integration

Releases are available at


  • Add this line to your app's build.gradle inside the dependencies section:

  • To hand over control to Razorpay's SDK for collecting payment, refer to

  • For the permissions required, refer AndroidManifest.xml

  • For proguard rules when you are releasing the app, refer proguard-project.txt

Kotlin Support

Razorpay's SDKs are now compatible with Kotlin support as well. Find the code for this at


Razorpay is a tech company. All our engineers handle support too. You can write to us at and expect a response from the devs responsible for the Android SDK.


MIT Licensed. LICENSE file added to repo.