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Razorpay .NET SDK

Razorpay client .NET Api. The api follows the following practices

  • Namespaced under Razorpay.Api .
  • Client throws exceptions instead of returning errors.
  • Options are passed as Dictionary instead of multiple arguments wherever possible.
  • All request and responses are communicated over JSON.
  • A minimum of .Net 4.0 is required.


If you are using nuget package manager:

Install-Package Razorpay


  • Download Nuget package from here
  • Package supports only .Net 4.0 and .net 4.5, Add the required version as reference to your project.



RazorpayClient client = new RazorpayClient(key, secret);

Get Payments

Dictionary<string, object> options = new Dictionary<string,object>();

options.Add("from", startTime); // start time is a unix timestamp, you can get unix timestamp using                                // Utils.ToUnixTimestamp  method

List<Payment> payments = client.Payment.All(options);

Get Payment using Id

Payment payment = client.Payment.Fetch(id);

Capture a payment

Dictionary<string, object> options = new Dictionary<string,object>();

options.Add("amount", amountToBeCaptured); 

Payment payment = payment.Capture(options);

Refund a payment

Refund refund = payment.createRefund();

Fetch All Refunds for a payment

List<Refund> refunds = payment.getAllRefunds();

Fetch One Refund for a payment using refund id

Refund refund = payment.fetchRefund(id);

Accessing the payment attributes

paymentAmount = payment["amount"];


  • Open solution in visual studio 2013, it should build fine


Compiling using Mono

  • Download the 'Newtonsoft.Json' nuget package.
nuget install Newtonsoft.Json -Version 7.0.1 -OutputDirectory packages
  • Download the 'NUnit' nuget package.
nuget install NUnit -Version 3.6.1 -OutputDirectory packages
  • Create a bin folder in the root directory
mkdir bin
  • Compile the source code into a library
mcs -t:library -lib:"/usr/lib/mono/4.5" -r:"System.dll,System.Net.dll,System.Net.Http.dll,System.Core.dll,System.Xml.dll,System.Xml.Linq.dll,System.Core.dll,./packages/Newtonsoft.Json.7.0.1/lib/net45/Newtonsoft.Json.dll" -out:"bin/RazorpayClient.dll" ./src/**/*.cs -lib:/usr/lib/mono/2.0
  • copy Dependency dll
cp packages/Newtonsoft.Json.7.0.1/lib/net45/Newtonsoft.Json.dll ./bin
cp packages/NUnit.3.6.1/lib/net45/nunit.framework.dll ./bin
  • Compile test exe
mcs -t:exe -lib:"/usr/lib/mono/4.5,./bin" -r:"RazorpayClient.dll,Newtonsoft.Json.dll,nunit.framework.dll" -out:"bin/RazorpayApiTest.exe" ./test/*.cs
  • Run Test exe
mono bin/RazorpayApiTest.exe [key] [secret]

Compiling using xbuild

Run xbuild (in the root directory where sln file exist)


  1. In case the last command fails with "invalid cert received from server", run below commands