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📱 Sample app demonstrating integration of Razorpay iOS Framework


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Razorpay iOS Sample App

This repository demonstrates how to integrate Razorpay's iOS Framework. The app built from code in this repository can be found on the AppStore.

To run the example app:

Sign up for a Razorpay Account( and generate the API Keys( from the Razorpay Dashboard

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for a Razorpay account.
  2. Open .xcodeproj with Xcode.
  3. Fill in the KEY_ID constant in ./Razorpay Sample App/RazorpaySampleApp/ViewController.m with your Razorpay test "key". This key should start with rzp_test.

After this is done, you can make test payments through the app and see them in your Razorpay dashboard.

Features | Docs

Razorpay iOS Checkout docs

Videos showing walkthrough for integration can be found here: Integration videos


See the CONTRIBUTING document. Thank you, contributors!


Razorpay iOS Sample App is Copyright (c) 2020 Razorpay Software Pvt. Ltd. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.



Razorpay iOS Sample App is maintained and funded by Razorpay Software Pvt. Ltd. The names and logos for Razorpay are trademarks of Razorpay Software Pvt. Ltd.

We ❤️ open source software! See our other supported plugins / SDKs or contact us to help you with integrations.