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Razorpay supports webhooks with several events. For more details, you can check our Webhook documentation. The WooCommerce plugin supports the use of webhooks to get notifications about any payments that were hampered because of network connectivity.

Woocommerce plug-in

Supports the following webhook events:

  1. payment.authorized
  2. payment.failed
  3. subscription.charged (Provided you have the WooCommerce Subscription plugin installed)

Set up:

  1. Enable webhooks on your Razorpay WooCommerce settings page in WooCommerce/Settings/Checkout/Razorpay.
  2. Right below the enable option, you will find the Webhook URL. You will need to set this as your Webhook URL in the Razorpay Dashboard. Follow these steps:
  3. Copy the Webhook URL from the WooCommerce settings page.
  4. Go to and head over to Settings/Webhooks
  5. Click "Setup/Edit your Webhook" and add the URL and paste the URL.
  6. Create a new webhook secret. This can be a random string, and you don't have to remember it. Do not use your password or Key Secret here.
  7. Copy over the Webhook Secret to the WooCommerce settings page
  8. Activate all the events whose webhooks you'd like to use: The events currently supported by our woocommerce plugin is listed above.
  9. Click Save.
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