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Puppet module to manage VMware Operating System Specific Packages for VMware tools installation.
Puppet Ruby

Puppet VMware Tools OSP Module

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This module manages the installation of the Operating System Specific Packages for VMware Tools. This allows you to use your operating system's native tools to install and update the VMware Tools.


  • Removes old VMwareTools package or runs if found.
  • Installs a VMware YUM repository (defaults to the 'latest' package repository).
  • Installs the OSP VMware Tools.
  • Starts the vmware-tools service.

OS Support:

  • RedHat family - tested on CentOS 5.5+, CentOS 6.2+, RHEL 5.9, RHEL 6.4, and OEL 5.5+
  • SuSE family - tested on SLES 11.1
  • Ubuntu - tested on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise

Class documentation is available via puppetdoc.


Top Scope variable (i.e. via Dashboard):

$vmwaretools_tools_version = '4.1'
$vmwaretools_autoupgrade = true
include 'vmwaretools'

Parameterized Class:

class { 'vmwaretools':
  tools_version => '4.0u3',
  autoupgrade   => true,

Mirror to a local host and point the vmwaretools class at it.

class { 'vmwaretools':
  yum_server            => 'http://yumserver.example.lan',
  yum_path              => '/yumdir/v2.3.0',
  just_prepend_yum_path => true,

Turn off configuration of the software repository so that some other tool (ie RHN Satellite) or class can take care of it.

class { 'vmwaretools':
  manage_repository => false,


  • Only tested on CentOS 5.5+ and CentOS 6.2+ x86_64 with 4.0latest.
  • Not supported on Fedora or Debian as these distros are not supported by the OSP.
  • Not supported on RHEL/CentOS/OEL 7+ or SLES 12 as VMware is recommending open-vm-tools instead.
  • Supports yumrepo proxy, proxy_username, proxy_password, yum priorities, yum repo protection, and using a local mirror for the yum_server and yum_path.
  • Supports not managing the yumrepo configuration via manage_repository => false.
  • No other VM tools (ie Open Virtual Machine Tools) will be supported.


  • Does not install Desktop (X Window) components.


  • Support installation of Desktop (X Window) packages.
  • Add logic to handle RHEL5 i386 PAE kernel on OSP 5.0+.


Please see for contribution information.


Please see LICENSE file.


Copyright (C) 2012 Mike Arnold

razorsedge/puppet-vmwaretools on GitHub

razorsedge/vmwaretools on Puppet Forge

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