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Django File FormPreview

The package provides functionality written in bug#7808 <>_

Technical notes

It provides two-step form submitting and actually based on django.contrib.formtools.FormPreview, but there are many updates, so it isn't subclassed

First, it validates form, uploads file and stores its name.

Then, it injects needing *_path fields to point correspondong files

In the second POST step it uses path given in the hidden *_path fields.

Additionally, it can render some fields from original form, if they are subclassed from PreviewField as *_preview fields


Trying to submit another file path will fail, because file path depends on hash, which is calculated from:

  • other form field values
  • file size
  • origin file name
  • django secret key





from file_formpreview import FileFormPreview

class MyFileFormPreview(FileFormPreview):
    [form_template = '...']
    [preview_template = '...']
    def done(self, request, cleaned_data):
        Does something with the cleaned_data and returns an


    from my_forms import MyForm, MyFileFormPreview

    url('^add-upload/$', FileFormPreview(MyForm)


from my_forms import MyForm, MyFileFormPreview

def add_upload(request):
    return MyFilePreviewForm(MyForm)(request)

it creates under it following structure: <settings.UPLOAD_DIR>/<YYYmmdd>/<hash>/<uploaded_file_name.ext>

  • <YYmmdd> is somethind like "20110926"
  • <hash> is unique value calculated for every form

Default templates will behave like this:

  • for PreviewFileField => prints first 1024 bytes (raw), see PreviewFileWidget
  • for PreviewImageField => displays the image (see Notes), see PreviewImageWidget


Available in

  • UPLOAD_DIR - default: os.path.join(settings.MEDIA_ROOT, 'preview')) (Note: it is autocleaned!)
  • OUTDATED_DAYS - default: 2, leave only todays+yesterdays, everything older in UPLOAD_DIR gets removed
  • PREVIEW_SUFFIX - default: '_preview' , render them in preview stage
  • PATH_SUFFIX - default: '_path' , are hidden, store paths to uploaded files

Available properties in your FileFormPreview subclass:

  • preview_template, form_template - default: 'file_formpreview/preview.html', 'file_formpreview/form.html' respectively

Available preview render configuration:

  • subclass needed Widget, pass it as parameter to PreviewField and rewrite render method

If you need something else, subclass FileFormPreview and implement process_preview to get extended context in the preview template


ATTENTION: library doesn't check vulnerabilities like script uploads

Make sure you've setup webserver not to execute files from MEDIA_ROOT or give other upload_tmp parameter