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Google Translate + Anki <3

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This chrome extension behaves exactly like google translate (2.0.7), in fact, it has been reverse engineered and patched. Now it allows adding the found word to Anki desktop app.


  1. You must install AnkiConnect plugin to enable HTTP protocol.
  2. The desktop app (afaik) cannot be daemonized, so it should be running while adding (extension doesn't cache anything).
  3. Setup the URL (default is http://localhost:8765), deck and model



Just click on target language translation word. The source will be saved as "Front", the translation as "Back" card's fields. After that, the target word becomes green (or red in case of duplication or another error).


Why not AnkiWeb?

Don't ask for adding cards right into AnkiWeb, authors explicitly don't want it