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Razuna - The open source alternative to Enterprise Digital Asset Management


As of Razuna 1.8 Java 8 is a required! Java 7 or 6 is no longer supported! Additionally, you need to install the dedicated search server. You can find the repository for the search at


In order for Razuna to run, you need to have a J2EE Application server (Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, etc.) running. Java 8 is required!


Please go to for the latest installation and upgrade guides.


Community help is available on or open a ticket at For organization wanting to have a worry-less deployment, we encourage our support plans. Check them out at

Getting serious?

Many enterprises trust us with their digital assets. Check out our shared and dedicated Razuna server offering at for a hassle free Digital Asset Management solution. Think smart and let others do the hard work.