An interactive web app that allows users to create their own contact page with links to social media or other websites
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Encircled Me

A web app that allows users to create their own contact page with links to social media or other websites.

The app is now live here:

  • Give it a try
  • Keep in mind that this is not a stable version and most important of all - it's not secure
  • Don't use passwords that you use for other accounts (e.g. online banking)
  • Feel free to open issues or send pull requests

Dev Environment Set-Up


  • Node.js and NPM

On Windows and OSX:

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm


sudo yum install nodejs
sudo yum install npm
sudo apt-get install mongodb-org
sudo yum install mongodb-org
  • Install Grunt, bower and yeoman
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
sudo npm install -g bower
sudo npm install -g yo
  • Install compass gem
gem install compass

On Windows, install ruby from here and then install the gem gem install compass from the command line

Getting and setting up the project

  • Clone the repository on your machine
git clone
  • Navigate to the project folder and begin setup
cd encircledMe/
cd server/
npm install

cd ../client/
npm install
bower install
  • Edit API port, db host and name, and the secret key used for generating tokens (server/settings.js)
module.exports = {
	dbhost: 'mongodb://your-ip/db-name',
	port: 3000,
	secret: 'place-your-key-here'
  • Edit the IP address and port for the front-end application (client/Gruntfile.js)
connect: {
      options: {
        port: your-port,
        // Change this to '' to access the server from outside.
        hostname: 'your-ip-address',
        livereload: 35729
  • Connect the Angular app to the server API (client/app/app.js)
.constant("CONFIG", {
        "API_HOST" : "your-api-host:port",

Starting the project

  • Create and start the database

use encircled
  • Start the API
cd server/
node index
  • Start the Angular app
cd client/
grunt serve