Addon for integrating Awesomium with an OpenFrameworks application. Updated version of ofxAwesomium
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Awesomium is an off-screen bHTML renderer. This basically means that you can give it a URL and it will give you an ofTexture of the webpage. You can also "inject" mouse and keyboard events, making it an interactive browser renderer. Also supports Flash!

ofxAwesomiumPlus is based on ofxAwesomium and adds the following features:

  • Better input control
  • Method binding
  • Window resizing
  • Transparency control

The code is written for OpenFrameworks v0.9.8 so you might need to modify the code slightly if you're using another version


Set it up for OpenFrameworks

  • git clone to the addons folder inside your OpenFrameworks folder
  • Use the project generator and add the addon to your project
  • Look at the example code to see how you can create the web view in your application


There are two examples included in the repository:

  • example-basic - basic OF application loading google in a window
  • example-binding - using javascript functions to add functionality to the OF application (open camera and draw a string using javascript and HTML buttons)


If you are getting a DWORD error make sure you include the ofxAwesomiumPlus.h after the other headers. Check this issue for more details.