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Ohio State's CSE 786 Spring 2010 Game Development Capstone Project
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Lost Marbles - A 3D Platformer/Puzzle inspired by Marble Blast Ultra 
and the Katamari Damancy series. You play as a brave little marble in 
an initially abstract world which you must restore order to by collecting 
the other marbles that were lost.

Created by: Team 4G(1G)^2 ("Four Guys, One Girl, One Game")
More information at:
Contact email:

Team members:
Conner Campassi
Christie Deiters
Razvan Lupusoru
Jason Stenftenagel
Tyler Wymer

This game was created for CSE 786, a game development capstone
in Ohio State University's Computer Science & Engineering department
taught by Dr. Roger Crawfis (

WASD - Standard movement
Space bar - Jump
J - Reset level (after holding for 5 seconds), no health lost
P and Esc - Pause game
Shift - Hold to accelerate more slowly

Settings files:
These are located in C:\Users\Your_Username\Saved Games\LostMarbles
Ogre.cfg: 	Video settings. If problems are encountered with video settings,
			try deleting this file and run the game again. We recommend 
			using 1024x768 or 1152x864 resolution and our game requires
			Direct X as OpenGL does not display some things properly.

Save.cfg:	Saved game file, gets created on first time playing game.

Sound.cfg:	Stores permanent saved sound settings. Created first play as well.

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