iOS Swift exercice for UPMC MOOC - 2015
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iOS Swift exercice for UPMC MOOC - 2015

UPMC MOOC: 18003S02 Programmation sur iPhone et iPad (partie I) final project. (for more please visit:

iOS - Swift 1.2 version

See Wiki for details about the app.

Welcome Screen



  • keep already playing sound and add sound games on the top
  • add animations on the iPad version too
  • bigger buttons (and even bigger on the iPad)
  • stretch UI to be able enter scores on the 4" iPhone


  • new version in SpriteKit. This is how this kind of game is supposed to be done, so I wanted to also do a version in the right way
  • new font and coherence in all views
  • NSTimer version is back, it's a demo project so it should be there. Maybe I'll make some updates to it if I have free times to make it better
  • UI turned to english
  • More levels added
  • Move buttons a bit larger as the other buttons in the UI that where sometime hard to tap on