A school final project to build a turn-based video game.
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To Play:
-Locate your Units on the map
-click on your units to select them
-in the Units Menu, select the units you would like to move, a movement reticle should now appear
-right click on the movement reticle to move that particular unit

This project contains the following elements:

Factions: Bloods, Crips, Mafia, Bikers
Units for each faction: Youth, Soldier, Lietenant 

Maps: map1, map2, and randomMap.  Map1 and 2 were created by us and randomMap is a map that can be randomly generated. To view the entire map, go to the Mafia class and change setSight to 100.

Tiles: We created our map through isometric desgined tiles.  Cloud tiles mark the areas that are unexplored.  Foggy was implemented but we did not have time to create a tile.  

Terrain: Roads are a terrain because they affect the speed of the different factions and units while travelling upon them.  Grass and shrubbery are other terrain types.
Resources: This game uses drugs and money as its resources.

Units maybe generated by offering bribes to civilians or even other gangs.  Bribes may take the form of either drugs or money.

Actions: Units have the ability and animated action to move.  

Buildings: This game is full of buildings.  Buildings can play an important roll as either a drug stash, a hideout, or a spawn location for units. The player can create buildings.

Menu: This game has an amazing menu with all the options for Networking as well as Singleplayer.  Other options include generating random maps, selecting maps, etc.

Scrolling View: This game uses a scrolling view that simple requires the movement of the cursor around the edges of the screen.
Turn Based: Code for making this a turn-based game is held within the game's model.

Win Conditions: These include controlling the majority of the turf or area within the map as well as eliminating the other team (either by killing or recruiting them).

Persisitance: a game can be saved.

Additional Features: Randomly Generated Maps, Minimap, Sound and Complex Animations.

Tip #1: To reduce background music volume: Turn down your speakers.

Tip #2: To see whole map at once, set your gang's view to 100