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Redmine plugin to attach incoming emails to tickets on rake
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Redmine Email Attachment Plugin

This plugin attaches the HTML and raw source of the incoming email as attachments of the issue. Useful when Redmine has stripped out formatting/text that you need in the email rake.

Getting started

1. Install the plugin

  1. Checkout/download the plugin, and place it in your plugins directory (i.e. plugins/redmine_email_attach)
  2. Run the redmine plugin rake: rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  3. Run your email rake (e.g. redmine:email:receive_imap)

More detailed instructions are available on the Redmine wiki:


  • Redmine 3 running on a *nix-like system.
  • A working email rake


Check your logfile

If you run into issues, your Redmine logfile might have some valuable information. The logfile is usually found in your Redmine directory in log/production.log.

Check plugin installation procedure


Kudos to Joe Darkless for the inspiration and code snippet found in the patch on Redmine issue #8642:

Peter Pfläging for email attachment naming improvements

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